About us

We are Tegan and Cara, the hearts behind MorrisonRowe. We are born, raised and proud Calgarians and have been friends since grade nine which is basically forever. Cara worked as a registered nurse in surgical oncology and Tegan is a professional engineer. 

Building MorrisonRowe has been quite the journey, both invigorating and humbling. Most important is that we genuinely believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives with our clothes. This is what keeps us going and we thank you for joining us on this journey. 

The Story

After Cara was diagnosed with her first basal cell carcinoma (BCC) she struggled to find sun protection clothing for everyday wear. We could not ignore the need for casual, every day sun protection clothing to help protect ourselves.  So we decided to build our own brand.  

Our mission is to make sun protection clothing part of your everyday wardrobe so you can grab something from your closet and know that no matter where the day takes you, sun protection is there. We have combined timeless style and every day comfort with UPF 50+ protection so you don’t have to choose between looking great, feeling good, and protecting your skin.